Kindness in the Blogging Community

Before I ever thought of starting a blog I would look at my favourite food blogs and get a sense on a community. Food bloggers were talking to each other, sharing recipes and stories, forging friendships with people thousands of miles away. When I signed up to twitter and began following various bloggers it was even clearer.

Over the past couple of days I have followed dozens of tweets on the International Food Bloggers Conference in Seattle and dreamed of the chance to attend such an event myself at some point in the future. The posts I read talked of meeting fellow bloggers and recognising them from their twitter pictures, the sessions taking place both in the hall they sat on and in the virtual halls of twitter.

Then I began seeing tweets about Erika of Ivory Hut. I read her deeply moving account of the fire that destroyed her home and everything in it. I knew nothing of Erika before this but from what I have seen she is an amazing woman. She has lost everything but says she is still blessed because her family is with her and she still takes the time to check on others.

What has impressed me even more than her incredible character is the way the blogging community has rallied to help her and her family. Friends of Ivory Hut was set up for people to donate to help her and raised $2000 in no time, the figure then rose quickly to $3600. Many of those donating have never met Erika and probably have only just discovered her blog. I do not have a credit card and so, sadly, I cannot donate. I don’t have many readers but I felt compelled to do what little I could by alerting the few readers I have to her situation.

The food blogging community is filled with people who are kind, inspiring and generous. I don’t know anyone yet but as the months pass I hope to get to know some of the wonderful bloggers who inspired me and blog with such incredible joy and integrity.


1 Response to “Kindness in the Blogging Community”

  1. 1 alice September 3, 2010 at 1:20 am

    Thank you so much for writing about Friends of Ivory Hut. The food blogging community is a wonderful group of people and I appreciate you taking the time to spread the word.


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