I’m Indigo, 18 19 and learning to cook.

I have always loved pretty things. A dancer’s graceful leap, the sound of a well practiced orchestra or delicate, colourful macarons lined up in the window of a Parisian patisserie. With a photographer for a mother it’s no wonder I’ve also grown to love the act of capturing a moment in glorious colour or simple black and white.

One of my favourite pictures of me was taken when I was a toddler. I was reaching over the edge of the kitchen table with a plastic spoon to try and sneak a bite of christmas cake. Oddly enough I hated christmas cake for years and would simply steal the marzipan off my dad’s slice. Now it’s the other way round, if I have a slice I give the marzipan to my dad.

My parent’s share a love of  good, fresh food. A lot of things in our house are either organic or have been grown in the allotment my parents acquired a couple of years ago. My father is particularly passionate about food and I have picked up that passion and his habit of remembering holidays based on the meals eaten. There was the vast mound of rice and lamb for Ramadan when we stayed with a Bedouin family in Petra, the pain d’epice eaten on a misty hilltop in France and the goat stew from a tiny cafe in Lanzarote. I am extremely lucky to have parents who love to travel and hate tourist traps. I don’t just get to experience the beauty of other landscapes and cultures but also the diverse flavours and scents associated with them.

My father loves recreating different flavours in the kitchen and has tried to share that with me for years but it’s only recently that I have discovered a passion for cooking and baking. My mother’s gluten and lactose allergies actually add to the joy of baking by making me manipulate the recipes into something she can eat.

I would never call myself a professional or claim to know everything about cooking. This blog will be an account of my journey through the tastes of the world and what I learn along the way.


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